….to my website. Since 20th of July 2019 I am a licensed radio amateur with a German E-class (CEPT-Novice / US: General Class), but that will change soon to the German A-class (CEPT / US: Amateur Extra Class) plus Morse. Actually I am a bit longer in the air, as I got my first radio in 1972, Citizen Band from my parents. I was active on 11m till 1980, than my job, the army and other interests took over. I will tell you about my background in the “who’s behind” section of this site. I am member of the German DARC e.V., branch OV L20, click on the link DARC logo below for more information (in German).

As English is the language I use most at home and in my job, I have decided to use English instead of German for this website, as technical terms and explanations are easier to write and understand in English and Google-Translate works better from English to other languages. If you would like to have it translated, press on the google translate button below.

Currently I am installing my antenna’s under the roof, not sure what the outcome will be in terms of propagation and DX. Prior and during the learning phase for the license exam I was building up the audio path of the system in conjunction with computer(s), which was a lot of fun. Unfortunately I had to use Microsoft’s Operating System, as there are not so many good radio amateur programs in MacOS, which I prefer. The audio setup will be first published, as it combines radio’s with studio-equipment and computers.

I am QRV on Shortwave – SSB (10m, 15m, 80m), VHF and UHF – FM (2m/70cm) and D-Star via my hotspot in the QTH; as soon as I have the A-class license on all legal bands and also in CW.

If you want to contact me, you can use my eMail do1awd – at – secureglobal.de or the contact form of this website.

Have fun reading !