When playing around with codeplugs for my Anytone d878uv plus and d578uv plus, I was searching for repeaters all over Europe and especially Germany, as I am travelling alot. I ran into a problem, that quite often the information provided in the internet is inconsistent or outdated. Futher more I found no practical and convenient way to download csv lists from Brandmeister itself. For me the only practical solution was to go to ham-digital.org and use their api to download all repeaters worldwide, but you can also specifiy by country/county. (The api-description can be found here). The result was a pretty inconsistent list for all DMR Networks (DMR+, Brandmeister and others). The original list from the download is in my google-drive: original-list.

Beside the correct naming for the network used i.e. BM or Brandmeister I have also found “BandMeister, BradnMeister, BRAINSMATER, Brand mister, Brewmister, Brndmeister etc.” That means there was a lot to clean and to calculate the frequencies, which I did with the help of Excel (Office 365) and Ron’s Editor. Every Repeater I could not identify as a Brandmeister repeater was deleted, which means the list is presumably not complete. The result is also on my google-drive: BM worldwde.csv

With this list you can quite easily create your own channel.csv for inport by the CPS Software from Anytone, as you will find in my list RX & TX Frequency, Rptr. Callsign and the color code. Of course this list can be used with other radios and other Codeplug-Software. It is sorted by country, county (or state) and town for your convenience.

Coming back to the inconsistencies. For me it shows that the registration pages leave to much room for the people who are responsible for their repeater(s) to type in what they want. A more strict way to input data (i.e. drop-down lists) could definitely help.