I use computer since 1980 and started with a Tandy TRS80 mod. II,  with 4K of RAM and a mass storage system that was, essentially, a RadioShack cassette player. The monitor was an RCA black-and-white television set with some modifications. A few years later I was financially able to buy me a Tandy TRS80 mod. III with a 5,25″ floppy drive and a 5 MEGA Byte Harddisk, which has cost me more than a month income. As I was into programming these days, I programmed a whole Video-Rental-System with it, using a binary-tree-algoritm for fast search.

6 years later the first IBM-PC’s were introduced and I got a clone with VGA Graphics and felt like a king. That was basically how my career in computers, networking and cybersecurity started.

If I look back, for day to day office use, we had spreadsheet’s, word processing programs and other tools which we also use today. Well, now it is faster, more colourful, blinding fast and you get messages, video, chats, audio through so many channels, that you have to limit yourself to avoid information and non-sense overflow.

After 26 years in the IBM PC world, I got my first MacBook Pro, a beast of a laptop and I am in love with Mac’s since. Easy, minor updates, stable and less vulnerable to security issues. Excellent for Audio (Editing like a professional studio) and Video in the same way.

Unfortunately as most of of the radio amateur applications are only available for Windows, I had to install a Windows 7 computer and the problems were starting. Whereas latency and bad implementation of USB Audio is the main problem. That the windows operating system is – from a MacOS user’s point of view – something which should be banned from earth (cruelty to menkind thing) is my personal opinion, but very common if you are a MacOS user.

Let me run you through the problems I have faced on this journey with the following pages.