Codeplugs (CP) can be generated in different ways, depending on how you use your radio. I see three scenarios: Portable, Shack, Mobile. Having this in mind you can create codeplugs in a different way.


This CP will be designed for a radio which is being moved = lives day in, day out in your shack. This means you do not need all repeaters of your country or hemisphere, just the ones around you which are reachable are enough. What you do in this case is to choose the repeaters nearby and multiply them in the .csv list by the amount of Talk-Groups (TG’s) you are interested in. Lets say you want to have worldwide, nationwide, local, regional, county, emergency and parrot. Makes 7 TG’s. Define these Talkgroups first in the TG-List. Copy your repeaters and paste 6x to the list. Now behind each repeater group, give the TG you defined. At the end you will have 7 Talkgroups to each repeater, which makes it very convenient to change the TG just by using the channel selector instead of using the TG-List Menu.


This CP (in my case – when I travel) is exactly what I need on my destination. Actually (01-13-2020) I am in the Greater Toronto Area 32km north of Downtown. I selected all the repeater from Ontario created a zone for them, found 2 working best for me VE3NUS and VE3URU which I can reach with my 7W and a longer Antenna (Diamond SRJ77CA). The TG’s I have programmed are: Worldwide (91), Europe (92), DACH (920), Germany (262), Local (9), Regional (8), Parrot (9990), Canada (302), Ontario (3023). My channel list is quite easy, each repeater is entered double, named i.e. VE3NUS-1 (=timeslot1) and VE3NUS-2 (timeslot2). VE3NUS-1 points in TS1 (TS=Timeslot) to TG91 (world) and VE3NUS-2 points in TS2 to TG262 (Germany). If I need other TG’s I select them from the TG-List, press the PTT and I am in for at least 10mins.


As I am driving around most of the western, southern and northern countries in Europe, but mainly in Germany, the codeplug has for all repeaters in Europe 2 entries, pointing to world (TG91-TS1) and Germany (TG262-TS2). Reason for that is that you are limited to 4000 channels with the Anytone d878uv plus and we have soon roughly 1500 Brandmeister Repeaters in Europe. If you multiply the channels by using TG’s to the channel as described under “Shack” you will soon come to it’s limits. I decided to have a TG-List with all necessary TG’s for the countries covered plus the standard ones: Worldwide (91), Europe (92), DACH (920), Germany (262), Local (9), Regional (8). Each repeater frequency will be twice in the channel list for TS1 and TS2, where TS1 is bound to TG Worldwide, TS2 to Germany. If I want to use another TG, I choose from the list and which TS I would like to use (clearly visible from the extension to the Repeater Callsign: -1 or -2)

If you look into my worldwide repeater list, you see that I have neatly sorted the repeaters by town, state (county), country. With this you can easily create zones and also roaming lists. Further more some repeaters in my worldwide repeater list have GPS coordinates if you want to plan a route (i.e. vacation).