Digital Audio Mixer Phase II

Based on the Phase I, Phase II has started recently. The outcome of the Project shall be the following:

  • Exchange of the YAESU FT-857D with an ICOM IC-9700 to have at least the same features on FM 2m/70cm like the ICOM IC-7300 on HF, plus D-Star. The YAESU is a fine radio and will be installed than in the car for mobile and emergency communication. on HF, VHF & UHF. The IC-9700 is not here yet, but the blueprint is ready.
  • Adding a wireless InEar Monitoring System, stage grade to move around in the apartment freely and together with my wireless Shure headset be able to transmit my voice in high quality without cables.
  • Installing a wireless PTT system for at least 4 radios.
  • Having an active DI-Box 4 channel box in between for “complicated or not noise free” audio lines.
  • Planned: Having an audio splitter to distribute one XLR Input to 8 XLR Outputs or 2 XLR Inputs to 2×4 Outputs
  • Future Project: When all is working, having the whole audio system in a 19″ portable rack (stage box) to get rid of the cable jungle and to have special XLR 7pin Connectors (similar looking to the standard 3 Pin XLR’s) to have one cable between Radio and Audio-System instead of 3 (Audio-Out, Audio-In, PTT) wires going into one plug for the radio. This requires a lot of soldering work to make the adapters and get all cabled well in the rack. 

Here is the blueprint of Phase II


As you can see only a few things have changed, but works as planned.

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