DMRplus, Brandmeister, etc., which network to use ?

I personally prefer Brandmeister (BM), others DMRplus (D+), DMR-MARC etc.. Actually you can use all, if you have many different local DMR networks, just in one radio. The only thing you should take care of is to name channels and talkgroups in a way that you can distinguish which repeater does what (BM, D+, DMR-MARC etc.). If I would use more than one network, my repeaters would be named i.e. “D+ DB0PBS” or “BM DO0ERK” and so on.

The same should be done for Talkgroups (TG’s). Brandmeister’s world Talkgroup is TG91, DMRplus uses TG1 for woldwide. Therefor I would name the TG’s “D+ world” (=1) and “BM world” (=91) in the Talkgroup list accordingly, like in this example: TalkGroups marked for Brandmeister (BM). The only thing I have to do now to switch between the networks, is to use the right repeater with the right Talkgroup.

Of course there are are Multi-Net Bridges (Interfaces between different networks like DMRplus, Brandmeister and technologies like C4FM, DStar etc.) available in each of the networks. I never used them or played around with them, therefor pls. do your own research in the internet. This presentation gives you a bit more information.

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