USB and Noise in Audio

If you connect your Radio to your computer, you may have noise which is generated by the computer and is relatively independent of the quality of your USB > Audio interface and what you have paid for it. There is a solution for that which took me some time to find. You will find it i.e. in Amazon as “USB Isolator 5000 V signal isolation – Interference Suppressor – ultra low noise” This little device which costs 30€ or 35 US$ really eliminates a sound which is a kind of beeping which changes in the pitch when the computer goes busy or you move the mouse. I installed it between my USB-Hub and the USB-Audio Adapter and the noise was gone.

These adapters support USB full speed, USB audio class 1.0 up to 24bit/96kHz, but do not work USB Audio Class 2.0. Higher speeds than 12Mb/s are not supported.

If you use studio equipment like I do, it is likely that the noise will be eliminated anyway by the input and output transformers of the studio equipment. Also a so called studio “DI-Box” may help. I have integrated a Behringer Ultra-DI Pro Mod. DI4000 which costs as much as two of the USB Isolators but has 4 channels and gives me in addition the flexibility to adjust Line- and Microphone Level on all 4 In-/Outputs to my needs. My supplier for all kind of studio equipment and microphones here in Germany is Thomann which delivers worldwide and is often cheaper than amazon.

See also Mic-/Line Level and XLR in the audio posts

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