Let me introduce myself: My name is Andreas Wagner, German, born 1960 and I am a computer veteran, living in Duisburg, Germany at least when I do not do not have an engagement somewhere in the world. Started 1980 with a Tandy TRS 80 Mod.II, I made my career via Mainframes, Networks, Enterprise Networking Systems (Banyan VINES if someone remembers).

Stepped into IT-Security in 1995, turned to network forensics in 2003, a bit later also into mobile and computer forensics. I am an expert of the visualisation of communication behaviour in networks and have trained worldwide law-enforcement agencies in network forensics and visualisation.

Since 2005 my main work is incident response and the build or optimisation of SOC’s and the build of CSIRT’s in Saudi Arabia, Austria and Germany, to name a few countries. This happened in the oil and gas sector, automotive, utilities, finance, MSSP’s and industrial control system area (ICS).

I lived in Turkey for 2 years, in Saudi Arabia for 6.5 years, where my last position was country lead for McAfee’s (Intel Security) Foundstone incident response team and I worked later as the global SOC manager for RadarServices GmbH in Vienna, Austria. Currently I work again for McAfee as SecOp’s strategist in central and northern Europe.

I was on air from 1972 till 1980 on 11m until my life changed direction into computers, army and my own company. I run several hobbies, like professional photography (digital and analog), drones, scuba-diving, motorbikes and amateur radio. Due to my apprenticeship to become radio- and television technician, which involved antennas, valves, transistors and integrated circuits; amateur radio is something I can easily grasp and due to my experiences with bit’s and Bytes digital modes are not cryptic to me.

I hope you enjoy what I publish on this site !

Andreas Wagner